Commercial Solutions


Minimize operational costs.

Flair Systems automation solutions are designed to deliver convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. Installed into countless commercial buildings around the world, Flair Systems has empowered employees to maximize their potential in an optimized work environment.
At Flair Systems we believe that smart buildings not only deliver energy savings, but that they are essential in preserving and protecting our planets natural resources.


Offices by their very nature demand systems which are able to increase worker productivity and comfort. Using Flair Systems automation solutions in an office setting allows a facilities manager to guarantee an optimized work environment, whilst ensuring unnecessary energy expenditure is eliminated.


A world class restaurant needs more than great food, and attentive staff. As dining is a complete sensory experience, care must be taken to tailor a room's ambiance so that it harmonizes with the values of the restaurant and the menu. Having worked with multiple Michelin-starred restaurants, Flair Systems understands how to create an unrivaled dining experience.

Shopping Centers – Malls

Flair Systems's powerful hardware, and secure, reliable software provide shopping center-Mall operators with a customizable platform which delivers an unparalleled shopping experience. Coupled with this this, Flair systems can increase energy efficiency and reduce staff workload through intelligent centralized control.

Transport Hubs

At Flair Systems we know that the driving force behind any system installed into a transportation hub must be security, an enhanced passenger experience, and the ability to be expanded in the future. With trained and accredited Slair Systems automation integrators available around the world, your passengers will always be in safe hands..

Industrial Plants

Flair Systems's industrial plant automation solutions provide plant operators with the ability to monitor, control, and manage energy, lighting, HVAC, integrated machinery, and security from a single point. This unifying of disparate building systems allows energy expenditure to be minimized, a healthy environment maintained, and real time reports generated.

Convention Centers

Convention centers require energy efficient features and technologies which enhance the visitor experience. Fully customizable, and able to create a seamless bridge between a buildings lighting, audio, HVAC, shading, and security systems Flair Systems solutions allow convention centers to deliver a truly world class space/arena..