Control Panels | Buspro | HDL-MPTB01RF.48

RF Intelligent Door Bell and Access Reader

Product code: HDL-MPTB01RF.48

The HDL-MPTB01RF.48 is the touch door bell, which is accompanying with the HDL control system. It is installed in the hotel room gate. It has door bell and unlock the door by RF card functions.

Working Voltage : DC12-30V(From MPPI.48)
Buspro power consumption : 45mA/DC24V
Card type : MIFARE ONE S50 13.56MHz
Dimensions : 86×86×10.5 (mm)
Net weight : 118.6g

Product Features

Icons of doorbell and RF card
Customizable backlight display
Able to control up to 99 targets
Adjustable touch sensitivity
Buspro online upgradable