Control Panels | Buspro | HDL-MPTC03.46

RF Card Reader & Master Control US With 3 Service Button

Product code: HDL-MPTC03.46

HDL-MPTC03.46 Hotel switch for energy control and room information of hotel guest room. It has built-in Mirare FR card reader. Guest card, service card, cleaner card, etc. can be recognized by this panel, and it includes 3 touch buttons also. Customer can select US or EU standard according to their requirement.

Working voltage : DC13-30V
Power consumption : 60mA/DC24V
Dimensions :86×116×20.4(mm)
Net weight : 330g

Product Features

Insert card for power
Built-in Mifare FR card reader
Automatically identify different card types such as guest card, housekeeping card, maintainer card, administrator card, etc.
Touch icons of Clean, Do Not Disturb, and Wait
Optional colors of touch icons
Adjustable touch sensitivity
Able to control up to 49 targets
Buspro online upgradable