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Traic Constant Current Module

Product code: HDL-MCR01A.40

HDL-MCR01A.40 is a TRIAC constant current load,the module can supply minimum current for TRIAC. It can solve the flicker problem when it is dimming the lamps, such as LEDs and electronic transformer.

Power supply : AC0~240V
Frequency : 50~60Hz
Load channel constant current : 22mA
Dimensions : 37.4×26.7×22.6(mm)
Weight : 73.1g

Product Features

As a support to the TRIAC dimmer, this module is able to provide a single channel output with a constant current and ensures the current provided is stable.

Power supply: 0-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Constant current: 15mA

This module is able to eliminate the flicking that occurs when lamps are dimmed by a TRIAC dimmer. Working in conjunction with a TRIAC dimmer, it enables the seamless dimming of lamps, LEDs, and electronic transformers.