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2CH 6A Leading Edge Dimming Actuator

Product code: HDL-MD0206.432

HDL- - MD0206.432 2-channel 6A Dimmer, supports AC220V and AC110V power input. It has 2 output channels, each channel has a bypass button for manual control. There is fuse protection for each channel, the Dimmer will be protected in case of short circuit. LED indicator will show you which channel has short circuit.

AC power input : AC110V/AC220V, 50-60Hz
Working power : DC15~30V
Power consumption : 28mA/DC24V
Output channel : 2CH/6A
Maximum output channel current in total : 10A
Fuse : 10A
TRIAC : 25A TRIAC, Minimum Load 40w
Dimming curves : Linear, 1.5 exponent, 2.0 exponent,3.0 exponent
Dimensions : 144×90×66 (mm)
Weight : 602.5g

Product Features

Small, light, efficient

Power supply: AC 110V/220V
Scene recovery
Selectable dimming curves
35mm DIN Rail installation

Compatible with different load types

Incandescent lamps
Halogen lamps
Dimmable LED lamps

Safety is guaranteed

Short circuit protection
Overheat protection
Overload protection