Controllers/Actuators | Buspro | HDL-MDH1210 (SB-WL-D1210)

12CH 10A High Power Leading Edge Dimming Actuator

Product code: HDL-MDH1210 (SB-WL-D1210)

HDL-MDH1210 is the high performance intelligence dimmer which is a silicon controlled rectifier power output with 12 channels. Communication is HDL Buspro cable, it has scene controller and fire protection control output. In addition, it can be added the load test function according to users' requirement. It can be used in intelligence lighting, switch control and so on.

Input Voltage : AC220V±10%
Frequency : 50Hz±2%
Power consumption with load : Less than 10W
Output channel : 12 channel
Out current in each channel : Max. 12A
Total current in channel : Less than 120A
Dimensions : 600×290×162(mm)
Net weight : 21.8kg

Product Features

Professional, Intelligent, High-performance

Power supply: AC 220V±10%
10-bit dimming accuracy
Built-in scene controller
Fire protection control
LED indication
Remote programming
Load test function (optional)

Compatible with different load types

Incandescent lamps
Halogen lamps
Dimmable LED lamps