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6CH 1A Trailing Edge Dimming Actuator

Product code: HDL-MDT0601.433

HDL-MDT0601.433 Dimmer is based on the technology of MOSFET. It has 6 output channels and manual switch is available for each channel. Each channel can choose leading or trailing edge. This is very useful when user has different type of loads. And it has short circuit protection and over heat protection.

DC Power Input : 12~30V DC, Class 2 (SELV)
AC Power Input : 120V/240V AC, 50/60Hz, 6A max.
Power consumption : 25mA/DC24V
Output channel : 6CH/1A
Dimming mode : Leading edge, trailing edge
Dimming curves : Linear, 1.5 exponent, 2.0 exponent, 3.0 exponent
Dimensions : 216×90×66 (mm)
Net weight : 905.5g

Product Features

Specs & parameters

Power supply: AC 120V/240V
35mm DIN Rail installation
Built-in scene controller

Compatible with different load types

Incandescent lamps.
Halogen lamps.
Dimmable LED lamps

Safety is guaranteed

Short circuit protection.
Overheat protection.
Overload protection.