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6CH Floor Heating Module

Product code: HDL-MFH06.432

HDL-MFH06.432 is a 6-channel floor heating controller. Each channel has the output options of Relay and 0-10V. It has built in PI Controller and supported 13 digital temperature sensors. It can be used to control the floor heating and indoor temperature, and it has the function of over heat protection for the floor.

Power supply : DC15~30V
Dynamic buspro power consumption : 150mA/DC24V
Static buspro power consumption : 30mA/DC24V
Output channels : 6
DC 0-10V output current : 10mA
Relay output current : 1A
Relay unit life time : 5,000,000 times
Dimensions : 144×90×66 (mm)
Net weight : 284.7g

Product Features

Designed to control floor heating and indoor temperature
Supports six independent floor heating channels
Built-in PI controller
Supports up to thirteen digital temperature sensors
Wide range of temperature control with high precision
Multiple control modes such as Timing, Away, Home, etc.
Sensor failure detection
Overheat protection
Buspro online update
35mm DIN Rail installation