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Hotel Room Control Host

Product code: HDL-MH48IP/D.231

The HDL-MH48IP/D.231 Hotel Room Control Host supports hotel room host control and dry contact function. It has 48 channels. The hotel room host can control and monitor door- bell panels, curtains, lights, fans and air conditioners via Hotel Management Software (IHMS) after parameter setting.

Working voltage : DC12-30V
Static power consumption : 55mA/DC24V
Dynamic power consumption : 600mA/DC24V
Signal interface : HDL Buspro, INNER Buspro
Dimension : 72×90×66(mm)
Weight : 130g

Product Features

The hotel host supports 48 channels, each dimmer channel has parameters for lower limit, the higher limit,the maximum limit.
It supports 99 scenes in total, each scene's running time is 0-250s.
Each relay channel has protection delay time (0-60mins).
Each relay channel can delay turn ON time (0-250s).
Run the scene according to the status of card master.
Control and monitor doorbell panels, curtains, and air conditioners, and upload the status to monitor software.
It support RS485 communication devices.
The hotel host has RJ45 port for connection with reception or management center.

With hotel management software, this module can integrate with third-party management software.