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HDL Bus Enable Hotel I/O Module

Product code: HDL-MHIOU.432

The HDL-MHIOU.432 Hotel I/O module is a mix module. It has dimming, relay, curtain control, dry contact, door bell and three LED outputs functions. The 3 indicators of the indoor door bell can be controlled by the panel universal switch. The output channel parameters can be set via HDL Buspro Software. After setting, the targets (curtains, lights, fans etc,) can be controlled by the panel.

Working voltage : DC15-30V
Static power consumption : 30mA/DC24V
Dynamic power consumption : 180mA/DC24V
Dimensions : 144×90×56.3(mm)
Net weight : 375g

Product Features

Supports 12 channel outputs and 19 channel inputs
12 channel outputs for dimming, relay, and curtain control
19 channel inputs for dry contact and doorbell control
Compatible with multiple load types such as incandescent lighting, halogen lighting, LED lighting, etc.
Short circuit protection
Program button and LED indication