Controllers/Actuators | Buspro | HDL-MR0416.431

4CH 16A High Power Switch Actuator

Product code: HDL-MR0416.431

HDL-MR0416.431 Intelligent relay module, has 50A magnetic launching relay, zero power consumption and high reliability. The communication interface is HDL Buspro Pro , which is based on RS485 protocol.

Working power : 24~30VDC Class 2
Buspro power consumption : 28mA/DC24V
Output channel : 4CH/16A
Relay : 50A Magnetic latching relay
Max current in each channel : 16A
Electronic life time of relay : >60000 (Resistance Load)
Dimensions : 72×90×66 (mm)
Net weight : 248g

Product Features

The HDL High Power Switch Actuator is designed to switch on/off electrical devices, and this module is able to support diversified devices. With its built-in magnetic launching relay, this module is guaranteed to have a stable and efficient performance.

35mm DIN Rail installation
Build-in scene controller
Zero power consumption
Power on protection
Optional manual control

Compatible with multiple load types

Resistive loads
Tungsten lamps
Standard ballasts
Electronic ballasts