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6CH 10A 0-10V Ballast Dimming Actuator

Product code: HDL-MRDA0610.432

HDL-MRDA0610.432 6-channel 10A DC0-10V output module is a multifunction control module. It has 6-channel relay outputs and it is suitable for switch control. It has 6–channel for 0-10V analog signal outputs (supports input and output. It can control the 0-10V Dimmable fluorescent Tube, 0-10V LED light, etc. The module is to be used in lighting , switch control in the office and building area.

Buspro Working Voltage : DC15~30V
Buspro Power Consumption : 30mA/DC24V
Relay Channel Output : 6CH/10A
0-10V Output : 50mA/CH (Total current is less than 100mA)
Dimensions : 144×90×66 (mm)
Weight : 449.5g

Product Features

Specs & parameters

Available in 6CH 10A
Power supply: DC 24V
35mm DIN Rail installation
Built-in scene controller

Suitable for 0-10V dimming control

Fluorescent dimming control
LED dimming control