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6CH input & output Module

Product code: HDL-MSC06.432

The HDL-MSC06.432 6 channels input & output module, supports different kinds of output and input signal, it also has 6ch relay outputs.

Working voltage : DC15-30V
Static power consumption : 30mA/DC24V
Dynamic power consumption : 80mA/DC24V
Output (Relay) : 10A/CH
Output (signal) : 0-10VDC / 4mA-20mA
Input : Dry contact, Voltage(0~10000mV) , Analogy Voltage(0~10000mV), Current (4000~20000μA), Analogy
current (4000~20000μA)
Dimensions : 144×90×66(mm)
Net weight : 375g

Product Features

Supports multiple input and output signals
Able to convert the values of voltage and current into other physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, illuminance, pressure, etc.
Supports both mechanical switches and electronic switches
Compatible with different load types such as motors, inductive transformers, electronic transformers, halogen lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, Dulux lamps, etc.
Supports easy programming
Supports Buspro online upgrading