Controllers/Actuators | Buspro | HDL-MVSM45B.12

Tubular Blind Motor

Product code: HDL-MVSM45B.12

HDL-MVSM45B.12 is the tubular motor. It can control the roller shutter by HDL Buspro. It has overheat protection.

Power voltage : DC16~30V
Rated voltage : AC220V 50Hz
Static direct-current power : 0.7W
Dynamic direct-current power : 1.2W
Working voltage range : AC190~235V
Working current : 0.6A
Rated power : 140W
Rated torque : 10Nm
Rated speed : 17r/min
Db : 42dB
Dimension : Φ45╳75.5(cm)
Weight : 2800g

Product Features

A quiet Tubular Blind Motor compatible with entirely smart control.

Buspro communication
Designed for silence
Supports up to 15kg weight
Manual operation available in case of power fail
Suitable for all roller shutter types
Supports overheat protection
Supports online upgrading