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Smart IR Transmitter with Current detection

Product code: SB-IR-EM

SB-IR-EM is the IR code sending device, and 200 infrared codes can be stored in it.By using the HDL IR learner (another device) to learn the IR codes from the normal remote, and downloaded into this device.The software can program and use the IR codes to control the IR device, such as TV,DVD, AC, Amplifier, etc.

Buspro power supply : DC12-30V
Buspro power consumption : 15mA/DC24V
IR codes store : Maximum 200 IR codes
Sending carrier wave frequency : 38KHz
Distance for IR Control : 6m
Dimensions : 45×40×13(mm)
Net weight : 58g

Product Features

Supports up to 200 infrared codes for universal appliances, such as air conditioning, TV, set-top box, DVD, etc.
More infrared codes accessible from HDL IR code library and IR Learner
Current detection
Easy programming
Buspro online upgradable