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Ceiling Mount Indoor Microwave sensor

Product code: HDL-MSW01.4C

HDL-MSW01.4C Indoor Doppler sensor includes LUX sensor, microwave sensor, temperature sensor, dry contact, universal switch. It can satisfy different requirement according to different logics. It supports HDL-Security mode.

Working voltage : DC12-30V
Power consumption : 32mA/DC24V
Temperature detection range : -40°C~60°C
Illumination detection range : 0~5000LUX
Humidity detection range : 20~95%RH
Microwave detection range : H:7m D:12m L:6m
Dimension : Φ84.5mm×32mm
Weight : 67.5g

Product Features

Light sensor
Temperature sensor
Microwave sensor
Movement detection
Dry contact
Built-in logic blocks

The Microwave Sensor is effective in detecting motion and the level of sensitivity is adjustable from 0 to 100. Thanks to this, the Indoor Doppler Sensor may ignore the motion of small animals.

With multiple built-in detectors, the Indoor Doppler Sensor is capable of reading temperature and light intensity. In addition to this, it allows to send you notifications by working with HDL security module.