Sensors | Buspro | HDL-MSP08M.4C

Ceiling Mount 8 in1 Sensor

Product code: HDL-MSP08M.4C

HDL-MSP08M.4C 8 in 1 sensor includes PIR motion sensor, LUX sensor, dry contact, etc. It can satisfy different requirements according to different logics. It supports HDL security mode. It can load IR code from HDL Buspro Setup Tool and send the IR code to control the target.

Buspro power supply : DC18-30V
Buspro power consumption : 30mA/DC24V
IR transmit frequency : 38KHz
Detection diameter : Φ8m (Installation height:3m)
IR emission distance : 4m
Illumination detection range : 0~500Lux
Dimensions : 84mm (diameter) ×37.5mm
Net weight : 55.4g

Product Features

8 in 1 Sensor

PIR sensor
Light sensor
Temperature sensor
IR emitter
Two dry contacts
Two universal switches

Thanks to the built-in IR emitter, the 8 in 1 Sensor can distribute IR evenly around the unit. This enables you to control IR devices regardless of their position in the room.

With 24 logic blocks, this sensor is often used for room management. If the sensor detects that the room is vacant, for example, the module will send a command to HDL Buspro system to turn off lights.

The built-in light sensor enables it to maintain a constant level of illumination by adjusting dimmable lights. This feature is of particular use in libraries, hospitals, and offices.