Sensors | Buspro | HDL-MSP02.4C

Ceiling Mount PIR & LUX Sensor

Product code: HDL-MSP02.4C

HDL-MSP02.4C ceiling mounted PIR sensor, includes PIR motion sensor, LUX sensor , logic block. the logic block can combine all of sensor for different application, Support HDL security mode and command.

Buspro power supply : DC18-30V
Buspro power consumption : 20mA/DC24V
PIR sensing range in diameter : 6m (Installation Height:3m)
Range for LUX Sensor : 0-500lux
Dimensions : 63(Diameter)×46.6(mm)
Weight : 91g

Product Features

PIR & LUX sensor

Motion sensor
Light sensor

With 24 logic blocks, this sensor is often used for room management. If the sensor in a room detects movement, for example, it will send a command to HDL Buspro system to activate Music to automatically create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

With an adjustable sensitivity range of 0-500 LUX, the LUX data can be measured and used to automatically adjust a room's lighting, or control a room's shading solution.