Sensors | Buspro | HDL-MS12.2C (SB-CMS-12in1)

Ceiling Mount 12 in 1 Sensor

Product code: HDL-MS12.2C (SB-CMS-12in1)

HDL-MS12.2C 12 in 1 sensor includes temperature sensor, PIR motion sensor, LUX sensor , ultrasonic sensor, dry contacts, IR received, IR emitter, 2 channel 5A relay output and logic block. The logic block can combine all sensors for different applications. It supports HDL security mode and command.

Buspro power supply : DC12-30V
Static power consumption : 40mA/DC24V
Dynamic power consumption : 90mA/DC24V
IR transmit frequency : 38KHz
IR emission distance : 4m
Illumination detection range : 0-5000Lux
PIR sensing range in diameter : 6m (install height-3m)
Ultrasonic sensor in diameter : 8m
Net weight : 206.7g

Product Features

12in1 Sensor

PIR sensor
Light sensor
Ultrasonic sensor
Temperature sensor
IR receiver
IR emitter
Two dry contacts
Two universal switches
Two channel relays

The built-in light sensor enables it to maintain a constant level of illumination by adjusting dimmable lights. This feature is of particular use in libraries, hospitals, and offices.

With built-in PIR sensor, 12 in 1 can detect moving objects with heat radiation like humans and animals. With ultrasonic sensor, it can detect all moving objects, which improves its sensitivity greatly.

With built-in IR transmitter, the 12 in 1 Sensor is able to control various devices and appliances, such as televisions, air conditioners, DVD players, etc.