Sensors | Buspro | HDL-MASTH.2C (SB-CMS-THL)

Ceiling Mount Temp. Humidity & LUX Sensor

Product code: HDL-MASTH.2C (SB-CMS-THL)

HDL-MASTH.2C is a sensor with built-in temperature sensor, LUX sensor, humidity sensor and dry contact input. The logic in the sensor can manage all different conditions of sensors, to control different targets and achieve different functions. The sensor supports HDL security function and security command.

Buspro power supply : DC12-30V
Buspro power consumption : 25mA/DC24V
Range of temperature sensor : -20℃~+60℃
Range of LUX sensor : 0~5000Lux
Range of humidity sensor : 20%~95%
Dimensions : 80(Diameter)×32(mm)
Net weight 92.5g

Product Features

Multifunctional sensor

Temperature sensor
Humidity sensor
LUX sensor

With three sensors and two dry contact inputs embedded, the triple combination is sensitive in monitoring temperature, humidity and light intensity.
Temperature detection range: -20°C~60°C
Light Intensity detection range: 0~5000Lux
Humidity detection range: 20°C~95°C

With HDL security module integrated, the triple sensor is able to send you notifications when it is triggered. If a door or window is left open for an extended period, the dry contact can automatically trigger the relevant tasks.