Sensors | Buspro | HDL-MASLA.2C (SB-CMS-LA)

Ceiliing Mount Lux & Air Quality Sensor

Product code: HDL-MASLA.2C (SB-CMS-LA)

HDL-MASLA.2C air quality sensor is a multi- function control module. It can measure air quality and brightness, and control targets according the values of lux, dry contact and universal switch.

Working voltage : DC15-30V
Buspro power consumption : 25mA/DC24V
Illumination detection rang : 0-5000 Lux
Communication : HDL Buspro
Buspro terminal : CAT5 or CAT5e
Dimensions : 80(D)×32(mm)
Net weight : 86.5g

Product Features

Dual sensor

LUX sensor
Air quality sensor

The Air Quality Sensor is sensitive to detect a range of compounds and responds very quickly.
Cooking odors
Carbon Monoxide

Working with HDL security module, it is capable of sending you notifications when it is triggered. It detects, thinks and alerts your mobile phone, guarding your home safety on standby.
"Burned chicken?"
"Warning! Carbon Monoxide!"