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Wall Mount Outdoor Doppler Sensor

Product code: HDL-MSOUT.4W

HDL-MSOUT.4W Outdoor Doppler sensor includes LUX sensor, microwave sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor , dry contact, universal switch . It can satisfy different requirement according to different logics. It supports HDL-Security mode.

Working voltage : DC12-30V
Power consumption : 31mA/DC24V
Temperature detection range : -40°C~60°C
Illumination detection range : 0~15000LUX
Humidity detection range : 20~95%RH
Microwave detection range : H:7m D:10m L:6m
Dimension : 126mm×78mm×42mm
Weight : 360g

Product Features

Outdoor Doppler Sensor

Light sensor
Temperature sensor
Humidity sensor
Motion sensor
Dry contact
Universal switch

Adjustable levels of sensitivity

The Outdoor Doppler Sensor is effective in detecting motion and the level of sensitivity is adjustable from 0 to 100. Thanks to this, the Outdoor Doppler Sensor may ignore the motion of small animals.


With multiple built-in detectors, the Outdoor Doppler Sensor is capable of reading temperature, humidity and light intensity. In addition to this, it can send you notifications by working with HDL security module.

Tough and reliable

Made form ABS material, the Doppler Sensor is tough and chemically resilient, which enables it to have an expected service life of more than 100,000 hours. This sensor is designed to be used outside a family home. With its temperature protective mechanism, it can operate at below 5°C.