Our services encompass the whole scope of the low-current field starting from design to direct implementation on-site. With a team of specialized engineers and experienced technicians, we are able to implement fully functional and integrated solutions.


• Access Control
• Closed Circuit Television CCTV
• CCTV Video Analytics
• Site Perimeter Intrusion Detection
• Voice Evacuation
• Motorized Security gates
• Gate Barrier
• Metal Detector
• X-Ray Baggage checking machines
• Turnstiles
• Security Robot


• Professional Sound
• Conference Systems (Audio & Video)
• Public Address & Background Music
• Digital Signage and Video Wall
• Meeting Reservation Touch Screen


• Home Automation
• Building Management
• CCTV Video Analytics
• Integrated Building Management System
• Guest Room Management Systems
• Lighting Control
• Gate Barrier
• Delivery Robot
• X-Ray Baggage checking machines
• Cleaning Robot
• Automated Guided Vehicles (Stores Robots)
• Data Center Environmental Monitoring
• Smart Toilet Management System


• ICT Structured Cabling
• Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi and Long Range)
• Smart Pole
• Data Center Solutions


Our team of experts provides design, integration and implementation services to the client.
Our work process is divided into four different sections
  • 1.

    Project Planning

    • Project team assignment.
    • Gathering information and requirement.
    • Designing the solution.
    • Project scope and scheduling.

  • 2.

    Project Mobilization

    • Orientation of the project team and role assignment.
    • Validation the project scope of work.
    • Defining the quality insurance.
    • Defining the change control process.

  • 3.

    Project Implementation

    • Submission of design to client or consultant for approvals.
    • Material Procurement Management.
    • Installation, Labeling, Commissioning and testing.

  • 4.

    Project Hand Over

    • Submission of project manuals and reports.
    • Adequate training to the client.
    • Assigning staff for first line maintenance, fault finding and solving and setting the system in operation.
    • Handing over the project.