With TIS, you get it all..

We provide full Home Automation products that cover all your needs.

With more than 70 wired and wireless home automation products, we offer innovative solutions that are elegant and affordable.

We offer state-of-the-art product solutions for all home automation needs to fit all lifestyles and building requirements. With increasing demand for our products, we have expanded worldwide. We market and sell our products through our exclusive distributors and dealers.

TIS products and solutions:

TIS has the biggest range of products manufactured under one roof to give the best solutions for lighting, air conditioning, motorization, appliance control, security, saving energy, sensors, timers, audio video, hotel guest room management, energy metering, weather station, BMS, access control, intercom, irrigation, alerting, and smart software and applications.

Here's a list of some of our product offerings:
• Leading Edge Dimmers: to dim incandescent loads and ceiling fans
• Trailing Edge Universal Dimmer: to dim other loads, such as LEDs, CFL, etc.
• 0-10V Ballast Controllers: to dim 0-10V ballasts
• DMX-512 controller: to control stage lighting and other DMX devices
• DALI Controller: to Dim DALI ballast and other DALI drivers
• LED Driver and RGBW Color Control
• TIS Relays: to control lights on/off, motors, curtains, and other appliances.
• HVAC Module: to control air-conditioning FCU and VAV
• Energy Servant: to save up to 60% of energy consumption per room
• Sensors include: PIR, Lux meter, Ultrasonic, smoke, water leakage, etc.
• Enabled Dry Input Devices: for connecting to 3rd-party sensors or wall switches
• Curtains, shades and projector lift motors
• Infrared Emitters: to control split AC, TV, DVD, Sat Box, etc.
• Audio Player and amplifier
• Speakers: outdoor and indoor decorative speakers
• Security and Safety monitoring Modules
• Timers and Logic Programmable Module
• Energy Meters: Calculate Consumption per Hour/Day/ Month/ Year
• Weather Station: outdoor Rain, Wind, UV, Lux, temperature and humidity sensor
• Bridges and communication port: RS-232/485, UDP and TCP/IP
• Hotel Guest Room Management system (GRMS)
• Cable manager, Distributor box, and Power supply
• Integrations to Amazon Echo, KNX, PCS UPB, Nuvo, VRV AC, Cool master, etc.
• Door Phone SIP System
• User Interfaces: wall touch screen, panels, thermostat, remote control, iPad frame
• Software and applications: for Android, iOS, and Windows

TIS Wired Automation Technology

Based on "Advanced RS485" Communication, this 2-Way TIS-BUS drives many TIS hardware devices and commands, monitors, and controls them simultaneously via 2-way communication using a simple 4-Core Twist Pair Data Cable that is widely available in the market.

The TIS-BUS has gateways to AIR-BUS (Wireless TIS Products) through an AIR-BUS Convertor. It also communicates with UDP/TCP via a TIS-IP-Port.

Using TIS-BUS technology, an installer can connect up to 64 Devices on one cable that can reach up to 1200 meters in length.

If the installer links several BUS loops together using network bridges (TIS-IP-PORT), then up to 65280 devices per network can be smoothly linked.

TIS-BUS has very flexible connectivity. It primarily uses a daisy chain, and it can be either an open or closed loop/ring or star topology wiring.

TIS-BUS Operating Voltage:
The TIS-BUS Engine can work across a wide range between 8-32 Volts. Moreover, it is considered green because it only consumes 15-32mA for most devices during operation. The TIS-BUS uses 4 wires (2 pairs): one pair for data communication and the other for power. The TIS-BUS also has several lines of protection, including reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, overheat protection, and more.

TIS Wireless Automation Technology

TIS-AIR products based on 2.4 Ghz WiFi technology. These share the same protocol as the TIS-BUS, so you have the flexibility to communicate between wired and wireless products.

Every TIS Air product has a built-in WiFi module that works as a gateway and connects directly to the TIS server, so you can easily control all of your devices without the need for any other gateway or hardware.

In 3 simple steps—install, link, and control—you can replace any old lighting switch or thermostat or add control for your curtains, appliances, or home theater system.

The AIR-BUS Converter is the perfect tool to convert any wired TIS-BUS product to a wireless TIS-AIR product.

Open Protocol:

The TIS-BUS Patented Protocol is also an open protocol provided to professional developers and integrators free of charge. (Any registered organization or developer can easily and directly get the complete protocol documents that they need after filling out and signing the proper quality network paperwork.) TIS ensures the future of our automation technology by guaranteeing that it remains open to integration with other brands and innovations to serve humanity and the environment.